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Let us worry about your website!

Technology changes faster now than ever so we have responded to this by offering support to our customer’s websites in order to keep them fresh, updated and secure. We are happy to come up with a specifically tailored package but we find the following 3 options cover what most customers ask for.

The Essentials package takes about 1hr 30mins per month for us to keep the website functional and safe.

The Proactive package we cover the same core elements in Essential but extend the time on your site so we can “tidy up” content which could include the reworking of graphics or fixing formatting issues etc. We also focus on getting the site load times to improve thus impacting your Google rankings. Because we are spending longer on your site we have reduced our hourly rate by 10%.

The final package is Fully Managed. Effectively the Proactive package with more time allocated to it which is needed for larger or more complicated sites. Here we discount our standard rate by 20% to try and bring as much value as possible to you and your business.

Our Website Support Packages


Keeps your website updated and secure. We're on the hook to fix it if it breaks and can offer help and advise where needed.

£ 51 /month

  • Weekly secure off-site backups.
  • Updating the CMS to ensure security.
  • Updating plugins to ensure security.
  • Check server logs for errors.
  • Check for scripting errors.
  • Email & Telephone Support.
  • 30 minutes of support time per month.
  • Monthly analytics reporting.

Fully Managed

For larger and more complicated websites we have discounted our standard rates to provide the best value possible for you.

£ 163 /month

  • Daily secure off-site backups.
  • Updating the CMS to ensure security.
  • Updating plugins to ensure security.
  • Check server logs for errors.
  • Check for scripting errors.
  • Email & Telephone Support.
  • 4 Hours of support time per month.
  • Weekly analytics reporting.
  • The general 'tidying up' of site content.
  • Check Analytics for problem pages.
  • Improving site load times.
  • On-site Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Additional Services Available:
  • Social Media management.
  • eCommerce Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

First off, don't panic! If you have a maintenance agreement simply give us a call and will get the site back up and running.  We will either fix the issue or will restore from your off site backup from our secure third party server.

We always try to find the source of the issue and fix any bugs to prevent further downtime.

If you go over your allotted time we can continue providing support.  For our  Essential package customers we will charge out Standard hourly rate, 10% off our Standard rate for our Proactive package customers and 20% off our standard rate for our Fully Managed customers.

If you are frequently exhausting your monthly support allowance then we would move onto a higher package.

Please contact us if you have a one-off request that you do not wish to be counted towards your support hours, as this can be negotiated separately.

Website servers are constantly under threat of being attacked by hackers. In order to ensure your website is protected you need to ensure that your Content Management System is running the most recent updates as they contain security patches as well as bug fixes and new features.

Websites that fail to keep on top of updates will become increasingly vulnerable as historical risks are identified and exploited.

A secure off-site backup is a copy of your website's files and database that are saved on a third party server. By using a third party server we can ensure that should your website server go down the backups are still retrievable.

Our third party backup server uses both dedicated internal security teams and third-party security specialists protect services through the identification and mitigation of risks and vulnerabilities. These groups conduct regular application, network and other security testing and auditing to ensure the security of the network.

Yes, you can! Our content management system has a simple to use update facility. The issues arise when an update breaks something on your site. If you do not have the technical ability to debug PHP then you might end up in trouble!

When we perform updates on your website we take a full backup of your website, install the backup on our development server, perform the updates, check for issues then copy the updated website back to your live server.

This ensures that any issues can be spotted and fixed before making any changes to your live website. This is especially important on eCommerce websites where orders could be interrupted by updates.

The frequency of backups is mostly determined by how often changes are made to your site.

There are two elements to consider when backing up your site: the website files and the website database. The files include things like the code required to run the CMS, your theme and any file uploads. The database stores the information used by the CMS, such as page content, user accounts and settings.

If your site is a basic “brochure” type website that doesn't change frequently then weekly backups of the files and database should suffice.

If your website is frequently updated, allows user registration or manages user data (think online questionnaires) then weekly file backups and daily database backups is the best option.

If you have eCommerce facilities or advanced functionality on your website then we recommend daily file backups and hourly database backups as a minimum.

These days, users have limited patience for websites with slow load times or poor performance.

With the rise of the mobile internet, it is now even more important to ensure your site performance is as best as it can be.

A study by Akamai ( showed that 40% of people would abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Furthermore, the study found that 64% of users that visit an eCommerce website would take their business elsewhere if they are dissatisfied with the website experience or load time.

SEO is also now also affected by load times.  Google have been using website speed as a factor in search rankings for over 7 years now in that the speed at which someone views the content from a search result directly impacts where Google ranks the site.   More recently Google's Matt Cutts announced that slow-performing mobile sites would now be penalised in search rankings as well.

Clearly, Google is increasingly acting upon what is intuitively obvious: A poor performing website results in a poor user experience and sites with poor user experiences deserve less promotion in search results.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the name given to activity that attempts to improve your website's search engine rankings.

In search results, Google displays links to pages it considers relevant, authoritative and contains high-quality content. Authority is mostly measured by analysing the number and quality of links from other web pages.

Find out more about our SEO service here.

Your support time can include things like formatting and uploading content, on-site SEO, website redesign and development – as long as the task can be completed within your support packages time allowance.

If you require work that is outwith the scope of your support package please contact us and we can create a custom quote for you at a reduced rate.

The Analytics Report will contain all the key statistics regarding your website – it will be tailored to your specific needs.

For most websites, we usually include metrics such as visitor numbers, popular pages, bounce rates, popular user devices (Mobile/Tablet/PC) and social media engagement.

If you have an eCommerce site, we will also include useful metrics such as average order values, popular products and customer demographics.

If you use email campaigns (such as Mailchimp) this can be tracked too. If you have any other KPI's you would like to track we can set up custom goals to help you really understand your audience.

Need someone to look after your social media channels?  We can do everything from setting you up in the online community, creating the graphics and content, making the post, and interacting with your audience.  Social Media is not just Twitter and Facebook -  we look to go to where you audience is so anywhere from Snap chat, Instagram, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor.  The options are as varied as your customers.

We would tie this all into your website and your analytics so you know you are getting the most out of your investment and getting the best returns possible.

Here we get all strategic. What specifically is your organisation trying to achieve? Sales, Brand awareness, customer participation, engagement or promotion of sponsors?  The reasons are endless but we will work with you in defining the real outcomes to your business, come up with a defined strategy, a plan to delivery against it, and put it all into action.

We can show real return of investment unlike some traditional avenues for advertising so you know your getting the results you need to grow your business.

If you have an eCommerce website we can help you manage and maintain it.

Our eCommerce management service covers things like adding and maintaining products in the shop, formatting product stats and descriptions, adding and maintaining product categories checking orders for issues, configuring additional payment gateways and maintaining delivery areas.

Every eCommerce site is different, so please contact us for further information on how we can help manage your eCommerce website.

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